And the Winners Were?

Frikkin' English Patient.

Not only was it an awful book, a worse movie, and the kind of thing that people who drive me up the wall continually try to convince me is the best thing ever invented, but it's also one of the 6 movies that I absolutely could not remember the name of while I was taking this surprisingly difficult quiz where you're asked to name as many Best Picture Oscar Winners from the last 15 years as you can within five minutes.

And yes, English Patient is a hint. Honestly, anything I can do to help people name-drop that piece of crap without having to actually suffer through it I consider a public service.

Satorical and Monster are both big fans of films that are actually good. As such, I predict they'll both trash my score in this.
Game on, bitches!


Monster said...

Not entirely sure that I would have come up with English Patient myself.

As it stands, I've got 1 minute left and I'm stumped on ONE MORE title...

..wait for it..

OH $&*#@% Schindler's List! Dammit!

So, yeah, 14/15.

Satorical said...

Damn, Monster.

8/15 for me.

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