J-Lo Was Never This Eager

So for those of you not up on the celebrity pairings, Jimmy Kimmel (of Man Show & Win Ben Stein's Money fame) is romantically linked with Sarah Silverman (of, you know, fame... sort of. Oooo she was in that School for Scoundrels movie!). Due to the crazy life of Hollywood b-listers, they'd been apart for a while, until Sarah showed up to appear on Jimmy's late-late talk show (NSFW, language):

On last night's post-Oscar special, Jimmy responded (also NSFW, language):

Johnny Carson it ain't, but that is some funny 21st century late night television goodness.

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Monster said...

Another thought... not to descend into checkout-line celebrity obsessiveness or anything, but it amuses me that Jimmy Kimmel had more movie stars in his music video than appeared during the Oscar telecast.

We saw nominees and presenters, and that was it. You know that they're short on camera angles when you're treated to a dozen shots of Laura Linney's reaction.

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