New Star Wars Animated Film Coming to Theaters

This isn't really new news, but still worth mentioning -- to kick off the new animated Clone Wars series that's coming to TV, the premiere "episode/film" will be playing in theaters this August.

By all appearances this series continues the connecting storyline that Lucas worked with Genndy Tartakovsky to create around the time of the prequels coming out. The catch here is that this new series apparently is directed by someone else, and utilizes more of a 3D style of animation than the Tartakovsky stories.

It would probably be easy to nitpick at the trailer (because my honest first impression wasn't what I would call excitement), but at this point it's kinda hard to get really mad anymore. After all, I was one of the ones years back who thought making prequels would be a great idea, and look how that turned out.
So yeah, this is sorta my fault.

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Satorical said...

Wasn't all that stuff in the Clone Wars series that have already aired?

But yeah, regardless, meh.

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