TFS: Everything Old is New Again Edition

A recent discussion at the HRTotM home office noticed that one feature everyone really liked about this site was The Friday Smile -- which is why we're bringing it back, hopefully better than ever.

And really, in this age of American Gladiators and Knight Rider on the television, a Clinton running for office, and oldies but goodies music making a comeback (of sorts) -- the time has never been better for a return engagement of everyone's favorite weekly recap.

I mean let's face it, The Friday Smile is like a classic movie -- it's the kind of thing you can study and appreciate for years, share with a friend, do impromptu performances of at the subway station, or send to a loved one so they can know exactly how you feel.
Besides, whoever said new things were all that great anyways?
To be honest, it was probably wrong of me to have killed the thing off so early. It was proving to be a very popular feature with the ladies
..or was it the men?
(Just because I can't remember right now doesn't mean it didn't happen).
So here it is again, better than ever --
Your Friday Smile
What you're looking at is the winning entry from Filmmakingfrenzy.com's recent contest to help promote the new film Be Kind Rewind (which I'm dying to see, btw). The site features all sorts of homemade remakes of recent films -- which as you can imagine, leads to some pretty entertaining stuff. Enjoy!


The Kaiser said...

On the note of oldies bu tgoodies, I heard on the radio yesterday that 80s music now officially starting to be considered as fair game for oldies stations.
I can't help but feel that my telomeres will somehow pick up this transmission and begin to slack off so I can really get started on the aging process.

Satorical said...


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