It's True, We're So Lame

What do things like Traveling, Diversity, Expensive Sandwiches, Mos Def, Lawyers, Michael Gondry, Standing Still At Concerts, Sushi, Public Radio, Co-Ed Sports, and NetFlix have in common?
They're all Stuff White People Like!
This relatively young wordpress blog offers evidence and explanations for anyone out there wishing to try and understand what makes white people happy.

For added entertainment, the comment sections on many of the posts feature messages from a number of white people who are apparently unhappy about their "secrets" being put out in one place like this.
Which oddly enough, makes this white person laugh even more.

1 comment:

Satorical said...

The comments are at least as good as the posts. Here's my favorite, which comments on both:

"Wow!! Mother fucking sociological gold!!"

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