Happy Banking

Leave it to a bank to be the ones dedicating funds and manpower to researching something like happiness. Not the government, not some mega-pharmaceutical company, not a restaurant, not the science wing at the Playboy Mansion -- but instead a bank. In Australia.

Bank marketing (especially the kind that is intended to be cute/funny and sorta never mentions the bank or any of its services at all) is sort of an odd thing to me, but it does happen. I guess the idea is to humanize the cold imagery most people associate with the financial industry -- which is a nice thought, but always sorta melts away when you get your balance statement at the end of the month or a check bounces without you realizing it.


Concerned that Australians aren't happy, Bankwest has started what it calls "Happy Banking" -- which at least at this point apparently means jumping on the personalized flash animation widget sort of thing that Fast Food restaurants usually take it upon themselves to handle for those of us living on this side of the pond.
So without further ado, courtesy of Bankwest -- Singing. Kittens.
Now give us your money!

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