Guess My Crime

Looking for a Friday afternoon time-waster? Want to see just how good a cop you might make -- not so much in the donut eating/tasing each other for fun department, but more in the Judge Dredd "I Am The Law" sense?
Then perhaps this site is for you.
The premise is simple: You're presented with a real mugshot to look at. Above the picture are a list of crimes. All you have to do is choose the correct crime the person committed.

Now first of all, what's with all these people smiling for their mugshot? There's no way any of these folks could possibly be happy about getting booked, is there? But if I'm right in that suspicion then the only possibility I can imagine is that the cop taking the picture is asking these people to say "cheese" or something -- which is disturbing in it's own right.

Of course, speaking as someone who does their best not to get arrested -- the whole idea is just sort of bizarre to start with, which is probably why I didn't feel so bad playing a game based off these people's criminal activities.

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