Christopher Walken is a talented and unique dramatic actor who has played a series of pivotal roles in a number of critically acclaimed, award-winning films. I feel this is an important thing to say, because if (got forbid) the man dropped dead tomorrow -- I'm pretty sure his gravestone would have the words "I gotta have more cowbell" written across it.

Not that it wasn't a hilarious sketch when it aired, but that it's the catchphrase that WILL NOT DIE. "Isn't that Special?" "Makin' Copies?" "That's the Ticket?" -- all of these things had a shelf life. But this cowbell thing is the terminator.

Example A -- a new website that lets you upload a song and then ..Add more cowbell to it.

Kinda fun, especially if you've got some time to kill. Also worth a listen are the cowbell-ified songs that others have made, available for browsing here.

He was in the Deer Hunter, people.

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