Becoming the Whedon Geek

Let me get a few things out of the way here before I begin.

1) Kristy Swanson is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I hear that TV show was good but it didn't have Kristy Swanson so I never really got too interested.

2) Yes, I made fun of Firefly once. Well, a lot, but it was all contained into a single weekend. I have since apologized and I say again, I'm both really stupid and really sorry.

3) I owe our readers another apology, because I recommended Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to everybody I know, but as far as I can tell, didn't do so here. Again, stupid and sorry.

All of that said, Joss Whedon is a geek's dream come true. He's reverent about all the right things but seemingly cares little about mainstream critical acclaim or overt, large-scale commercial success. He has a solid fan base that are just excited to see what he thinks of next, and he seems equally excited to deliver it.

"It", in this case, is a new series called Dollhouse. It's a FOX mid-season replacement (which is a sick plot twist in and of itself), about some super-secret operatives whose missions are so sensitive that the operatives themselves get their brains scrubbed after having done the deed.

That sounds pretty cool, maybe a little too Alias-y for good measure on face value.. but this is Joss Whedon we're talking about. It's scheduled to start in January and run on Mondays before 24... probably with less torture, but who knows?

Oh, and did I mention who is playing the lead?

Eliza Dushku as a cover secret agent? Joss Whedon's brainchild? Another chance to hate Fox when they inevitably screw it up?

I'm on board.


Hex said...

All you really had to say was Dushku. If she's there, I'm on board.

btw -- the captcha text I had to type in to post this message was "urine." I had to look twice to see if I was reading it wrong, but there it was, plain as day -- in a wavy italicized font.

Thank you, blogger.com

Satorical said...

It's ok that you didn't Highly Recommend Dr. Horrible. I thought about it but figured it was all over the intarWebs anyway.

It frickin' ruled.

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