Name All 32 Starting QBs

Football season starts tonight. 32 teams and a nation of crazed fans. But can you name all 32 starting quarterbacks in the league in under five minutes?
Sounds easy -- but it isn't.
I was able to get 27 of them, but then I sat there while the clock ticked away -- feeling like a complete football fan failure that I couldn't come up with the rest. If you're a fan, it's definitely worth a try.

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Monster said...

I got stuck 26.

I had no clue who was starting in Baltimore, Houston, or KC.

Then I flubbed Miami and Cincy, of all places - I just plain forgot about the Bengals altogether.

And I knew it wasn't Smith in San Fran but could NOT come up with the name of the kid asked to steer that sinking ship.

Fun, though - seems like I should have done better what with JUST having done the fantasy drafts.

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