Google's Mail Goggles

As technology makes us more an more accessible to one another, it carries the unfortunate burden of, well, making us more and more accessible to one another. Let's face it - there are times when it would be a good idea if you didn't have a way to immediately contact your current or former lover, or his or her best friend, or anybody's mom.

And while they haven't invented anything to keep your cell phone in your pocket, Google has unveiled a nifty new gmail feature that might keep you from drunk-emailing.

When it's enabled, gmail will allow you to compose your scathing commentary on how he/she never really cared about you and your friends at the bar/rave/common room are the only ones that really understand you - but when you click "send"...

...math problems. Several of them that you have to complete in a minute. If you can't, you should wait.

I suspect this would be particularly useful before composing emails that might one day be important.


Hex said...

God god, a math fight?

I'm doomed.

unMuse said...

i need that on my cellphone for texts.

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