Dead Walking in their Masquerade

It frightens me (no pun intended), but we're fast approaching the time when zombies are mainstream. They've already graduated from the relative obscurity that is the regard of niche-horror movie fans, and they've got a firm death grip on that sort-of acceptable underground cool movement. If dressing up like a Star Trek character makes you a nerd, but a Darth Vader bobblehead on your desk just makes you a geek, then zombies have entrenched themselves firmly in the geek-o-sphere. But the movement is growing, and I'm worried that somehow MTV is going to get involved. Or a CBS reality show. In short, it feels like zombies are about to go all Hot-Topic on us.

For the time being, though, the undead are undeniably awesome. And even though it acts as a good example of the coming mainstream doom of the genre, there's something special about 880 people in Austin - doing the thriller dance.

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