Coverville, if you're like into podcasts

I like covers of songs I know. Pop songs, obscure songs, new songs, old songs. And I'm exploring podcasts recently, so there maybe other HROTM items from my podcast browsing... and of course I found Coverville. Coverville is a podcast, produced three times a week, that focuses on cover songs - a new rendition of a previously recorded song. The show is produced and hosted by Brian Ibbott, who has done some 500+ of these episodes consisting of six songs or so. It is amazing that he gets it done so regularly. Some of the episodes appeal to my tastes more than others, here is one recent one that I really like:

Coverville James Bond Themes II

The Aimee Mann version of Nobody Does It Better was really a great listen. There is some Art of Noise, some other covers of classic James Bond songs by artists I wasn't as familiar with- some great, some comedic to me. They have MP3 downloads at the coverville site or you can subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcast software.


dorian said...

Thank you for introducing me to what is now my new favorite site!

Werdna said...

No problem! I thought of you when I found it. I still listen to a KMBU show of yours from back in the day.

You could have your own podcast ;)

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