The Atlasphere

Having trouble with the dating scene? Tired of all the games and the BS? Perhaps what you need is the help of an online dating site. But not just any old site -- no, no, you need something different.

Enter The Atlasphere, a new niche dating site made specifically to bring together (..wait for it)
Admirers of Ayn Rand Novels.
A concept so utterly singular, bizarre, and frankly frightening in the sort of mental imagery of the kind of people who might be lurking around in a dating site designed to (if a successful match is made between members) launch the romance between people destined to be by far the MOST ANNOYING FAKE-INTELLECTUAL A-HOLE COUPLE YOU'LL EVER HOPE TO CLAIM TO BE TOO BUSY TO HANG OUT WITH WHEN THEY CALL.

Seriously, Ayn Rand people in love? One of them might be cool -- a good springboard for conversation and debate. But two of them?


Satorical said...

Breeding summit for the would-be Master Race.

"I'm sorry, but if you skipped Galt's 75-page monologue, you're disqualified."

Werdna said...

Probably a sausage fest...

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