Say it Ain't So -- Astroland Closed

Just hearing about this today -- the one thing I didn't really get a chance to do the last time I was in NYC is now something I won't get to do -- famous Coney Island theme park Astroland has closed down due to some sort of landlord dispute that sounds suspiciously similar to the story of why CBGB closed.

Speaking as someone who doesn't live in New York and therefore believes Coney Island to be a sparkling clean, family-friendly, fair-priced place to go to have a good time with other pleasant people, it seems like a shame that this place won't be around anymore.

And even if I'm somehow wrong in that assumption -- can you even begin to count how many movie scenes ended up with some sort of chase scene through that place?


unMuse said...

"as someone who.. believes Coney Island to be a sparkling clean, family-friendly.. place"
I won't dirty up your perception of coney island then.. lol.

do you remember all the stuff with the Queen Mermaid? they were trying very hard to save it. it's sad that public outcry to save these historical places doesn't make a difference anymore.

Satorical said...

I paid $5 for a genuine freak show at Coney about four years ago. Eek the Geek was still performing at that time. Last I heard, he was in law school. That was a lot of entertainment for $5.

On the other hand, I once had a carny spin me so hard on the Octopus that I nearly puked, and had to sit on the curb for half an hour with the heaving sweats.

What will still rock: watermelon Italian ices, the boardwalk, the Cyclone.

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