Upside Down Dogs

The day has come: Dogs are finally making their move.

Cat humor has ruled the Internet for as long as most of us can remember. Sure you'll see a dog joke here and there, but it's always been sort of a paltry second banana to the sheer force of funny cat gags. But now, today -- right effing now the people over at upsidedowndogs.com are taking a stand.

No mas.

And it's hard to argue with the cuteness of these opening salvos, or the love it's getting from ALL corners of the web (Satorical, remember that email I sentcha? yeah, I figured out why I wasn't getting any replies..).

So if you've got a dog, and you've been frustrated at the way you've been left out of the Internet animal funny picture game, now is the time. Get your camera, flip your pooch, and get in on the ground floor, because this one is gonna be bigger than hula hoops.

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