The Lolcat Builder

Love Caturday, but don't possess the kind of photoshop-fu to join in the fun yourself? That's where the Lolcat builder comes in.

It's a cool little applet that lets you choose a cat, add your own text and then save it to use wherever you want. They even have a link that allows you to instantly post your new creation to icanhascheezburger.com.

But the best part of this is that it lets you upload your own photos, which opens up all sorts of cool possibilities for those of us with our own wacky felines (or whatever else might strike your fancy) to exploit for a chance at internet fame.
Here's one I made just this morning:


unMuse said...

Just so you know.. the links are wrong :-) I get "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)".

Hex said...

Actually I was checking about that when this comment hit -- I think the site went down. It's not turning up anywhere.

It'll show back up.

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