Best Golden Harp Band Ever

The UK branch of ad firm Saatchi & Saatchi wants to convey that Doc Martens last forever.

I can't decide which disturbs me more - the notion that these guys were on the list at the pearly gates...

... or that no matter how hard you preach against it in life, you can still sell out from the grave.


Satorical said...

Courtney Love needs cash. The rest of these estates are a pure puzzle.

Hex said...

Sid's in, but no Nancy?

Who's running the gate up there - Simon Cowell?

unMuse said...

The snob in me has to say something.. Is anyone else seriously annoyed with the odd trend in advertising where about 1/2 of the digital editing in print is just really bad?

unMuse said...

.. i hit the wrong button.

Most of these are alright as far as technique, even if they are awkward.

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