Gary Busey is Your Co-Pilot

When I first heard about all of these GPS in-car navigation systems that use a computerized voice to help you find your way through traffic, the very first thought I had was if I could somehow hire vetran character actor (and former voice of Knight Rider car KITT) William Daniels to provide voices for this, I'd make a billion dollars.

Alas, like the fate of many my sure-fire get rich schemes I had two more drinks and forgot to write it down, or kept getting Daniels confused with the guy who played Higgins on Magnum P.I., and I never really followed through with it the way I should have.

Fast forward a few years later and it turns out someone else has beaten me to the punch, but in a way that might not pan out exactly the way they were hoping for.

Meet Navtones, a new service that offers downloadable celebrity voices that you can use instead of the computerized one the TomTom system comes with. Pretty cool idea -- except that the celebrities available to choose from are Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, Mr. T (who pities the fool who doesn't take the next left) and ..Gary Busey.

I don't know about you -- but when you think back to some of the incidents over the years involving Mr. Busey and driving, I'm not so sure he would be my first option for assistance.

Of course, knowing Gary -- You might not have much choice in the matter.


Monster said...

If I can have Mr. T say "Take the next right, sucka," you can sign me up RIGHT NOW.

Satorical said...

Hopper's will sell like hotcakes. And we all know how well hotcakes sell.

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