Picture-based meme threads have been around for a while, but like so many other Internet fads they tend to rise and fade depending on the idea. Sometimes it's the people involved (remember when we were all making jokes about Chuck Norris - but then he started doing it too?), sometimes the topic doesn't have a shelf life (Brittney shaved her head? That's hilario..zzzzzzz), and sometimes it's just not as much fun as you originally thought it was going to be.

But if there is one picture-meme out there that simply will not die, it's Caturday. While I'm sure someone out there probably knows the story of it's origins, knowing why it started is hardly the point anymore, because it's everywhere. Not that I'm complaining -- "Do You Want Karate?" cracks me up every time. But until it gets assimilated into a Burger King commercial by corporate America one fact is clear:
Resistance is futile, Caturday is here to stay.


Hex said...

And like any fad worth it's salt, lets not forget about all the imitators out there, either.

Hex said...

You knew it had to happen..

The inevitable crossover.

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