Talk Like A Pilot Day

Just in case any of you Tail End Charlies were too busy dodging Jerry's ack-ack in the Hunland to hear about it, Saturday May 19th is the first international installment of Talk Like a Pilot Day.

The official kickoff includes a daylong celebration at a hotel in England -- but there's no reason those us who can't wilco that sortie on such short notice can't join in the fun too, eh what?

Just in case you're new to the whole thing, the organizers have also offered a handy-dandy phrase book and phonetic alphabet to help get you started Alpha Sierra Alpha Papa.
Chocks Away!


Monster said...

::sniff sniff::

Hex... you stink.

Hex said...

Shup up, Slider

CowJam said...

Cheers for linking this!

Fighter Ace

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