The Friday Smile - 3 Day Weekend Edition

Did this week go by fast or what? It seems like only a moment ago when Monday rolled around and everyone at work was freaking out about all their life or death projects.
But here it is, Friday afternoon.
But not just any Friday afternoon -- because this Friday marks the start of a heavenly 3-day weekend. 3 whole days without office politics, negativity, or tragic thumb-related mass bean-icides.

It's a time to relax -- a chance to catch up on a good book, to take a long drive to see relatives and loved ones, sing songs, play outside, or even go to a museum or gallery to see the latest modern or classic art.

But in all the excitement, lets not forget what this holiday is really about. Memorial Day (formerly Decoration Day) commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country.. It also gives us pause to appreciate the level of bravery and sacrifice so many soldiers are providing right now across the world, whether we agree with the politics behind it or not.

So even though you might take these three days of freedom to enjoy yourselves and recharge before going back to work -- lets not forget to do our part to help out by buying up all the Tom Serafini war bonds we can on the open market!!

One more thing before I go (and I truly hope you all have a weekend that makes you as happy as this little guy)
The Friday Smile       

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