Are You Sure You Don't Need 10 More Years to Think it Over?

It's one thing for a new group to come out, really peak your interest and then slowly fade into crappiness as

1) Success spoils the batter
2) They continue to write the same song over and over, album after album
3) You see them live and discover the magic came from the studio, not these schlubs

But it's quite another when a group you really like for no apparent reason more or less disappears off the map altogether. It's almost like the group takes a look at their fans and says, "Man, you used to be cool"

Whatever the reason, word is starting to spread that after a teensy-weensy 10-year coffee break the members of Portishead remembered that they record music for a living, and are currently in the studio working on a new album. (There's nothing really specific I'm recommending here, I just want to have my annoyance at their absence recorded so that when the album comes out and I can't stop gushing about how great it is someone can rightfully rub it in my face).
Take 2: Awesome -- Portishead's BACK!

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