The Friday Smile - Monster in the House Edition

Ever have one of those weeks where all you can say is, "Oh great, who brought the cat!?"
Well don't start thinking that all hope is lost, because there is another.
Cliche Monster joined the team this week, bringing all sorts of new energy and blank blue rectangular boxes that are supposed to contain flash games about bow-wielding cats with him.

Of course when you're new to a job these kinds of things are bound to happen. You can't just expect to walk through the door and know how to slay every dragon just like that. You've got to know who to call when problems arise. Because when you go to the right people for assistance and you phrase your questions correctly -- things go a lot better.

But even more than that, you need to have the right tools to get the job done -- lest history repeat itself and we end up with another disaster on our hands. Sure -- fun is fun, but what if something goes wrong? Who's gonna be there to protect grandma from getting pushed off a bridge, or worse yet -- dying?
Yeah, you didn't think about that now did you?
Oh sure, everyone thinks it's all drinking and singing songs here (and they're right), but make no mistake -- this is serious business.
You think that $0.065 a year from the Google Ad just makes itself?
No sir -- you've got to get out there and make sure the whole world knows you're looking out for them. Send a thank you card, maybe take them out for a movie once in a while.
Remember -- it's the little things that people appreciate the most.
Like the Friday Smile.     

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