Passive-Aggressive Notes


Satorical said...

Damn. Those signs are all in my hood. The deal is, every one of the eight million people here thinks he's special, and the rules don't apply to him. So when confronted about breaking the rules needed to prevent mass chaos, the typical reaction is of the "How DARE you question me?!" sort.

It gets old. I see how the notes get started.

I'm thinking of my neighbor using power tools at 6am this morning. I stuck my head out of the window to say something, and he cursed me out and questioned my neighborhood bona fides ("Where you from?").

A note's too good for the likes of him.

::rant over::

Hex said...

Not to pile on your sleeplessness, but all I can think of when I read your rant is Ratzo Rizzo leaning his head out the window and accosting you along the lines of

"I'm sawing here!"

The Kaiser said...

I understand it in certain situations, but having gone through a set of shit roommates who left pissy little notes (the people I lived with right after moving to Seattle) I found the whole collection to be both funny and sort of vicariously annoying.

The worst part about the shit roommates is that they were leaving shitty notes to respond to shitty voicemails that I had left them (because they were fucking ALWAYS asleep during the day while I was out trying to find a job, so I couldn't really ask them to get their shit together in person).

Monster said...

Having been Kaiser's roommate once, I can safely say he's not talking about me. Apart from the fact that we didn't live together in Seattle, I can only think of one note that was left, and I'm sure it said:

"Sorry about how dark it is, Beer > Electricity"

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