The Shrek 3 Drinking Game

I'm probably going to be taking my little boy to see the latest installment in the Shrek series this weekend. The commercials and toy tie-in's have been everywhere for a few weeks now, so he's very excited about it. If all goes well he'll love the move.

As for me, I'm hoping he really enjoys the movie -- because to be perfectly honest, I'm kinda Shrek-ed out. The first one was a classic, but it seems there's always a point lately with all these summer sequels (especially for kid movies) where you kinda just wish you could save the time and just mail a check for the admission price to Dreamworks directly, you know?

Fortunatley, someone else out there has been thinking ahead, and has come up with something I can really get behind -- The Shrek Drinking Game.

Rules include:
  • Taking a sip when Mike Myers' Scottish accent wavers
  • Taking one drink if there's a song by a middling, whitebread, Top 40 crooner (like John Mayer or James Blunt)
  • Taking two drinks if there's a duet by middling, whitebread, Top 40 crooners (John Mayer and James Blunt!)
  • Taking a shot if a reference is made to donkey/dragon sex

  • I don't know about you -- but I think this is one game I can easily win.


    Monster said...

    On the way to school, my son & I listen to the kids radio station on my trusty satellite radio.

    This morning we heard Eddie Murphy & Antonio Banderas singing "Thank You Falettinme Be Myself Again" (yes, they used only part of the Sly's original jive title).

    I could have been worse, I suppose. Considering the ripe environment for bathroom humor, Eddie could have revisited his foray into the pop scene with "My Girl Wants To Potty All the Time".

    unMuse said...

    Man.. You just landed on a goldmine, Monster.

    Celebrities/Musicians putting together a companion CD for "Everybody Poops".

    I bet it'd be on Oprah.

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