Falwell That Ends Well

You know, just because I really, really, really hated a guy doesn't mean that it's cool to bash him just because he finally died. Which is why I'm directing you to this page, which (while they're not the only ones taking shots) scores major points in my book by offering a softer, gentler headline announcing the news of Jerry Falwell's passing -- only to follow it up with a choice sampling of headlines they also could have used, including:

* How The Mighty Have Falwellen
* Falwell Gets Shocker at Pearly Gates: 9/11 Was His Fault
* Falwell Horrified to Discover that Light at End of Tunnel is Gay Disco Party

1 comment:

Satorical said...

I rarely think "good" when someone has died. This was one of those rare occasions. Now for the Pats (Robertson, Buchanan)...

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