Obama's VP Choice is..

Are you a Democrat with friends who are "a little too into" this election for their own good? Are you a Republican looking to have a little fun with the people you're always arguing with at the bar?

This might just do the trick -- instructions on how to utilize Verizon's website to send your friends a fake text from Obama announcing any name you want to insert as his new running mate.
Hillary Clinton? Paris Hilton? Michael Phelps? Aretha Franklin?
It's all up to you, compliments of the rabble-rousers over at Wonkette.

Considering my own affiliations, I probably shouldn't find this as funny as I do -- but c'mon. How much fun would it be right now to see if you could get that one guy in the office all riled up over the idea that Brett Farve might have a chance to have his finger on the button?

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