Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

I only just found out about this, so I apologize if you miss it -- but at 3pm EST they're going to blow up the last of the "old" Ruby Tuesday restaurants.
Live, on their website.
I guess the whole thing is part of a promotion where they sorta re-launch their image or whatever, but it's kinda strange to see a company taking out one of their own -- literally.

I'm actually watching this live (because you know, I'm very busy at work and have lots of important things to do), but I imagine the video will be posted on the site afterwards as well (or more likely, broadcast on television between innings of Yankee games). But literally -- the "VP of marketing" is standing in front of the place and counting down.
I don't know about you, but I smell viral marketing all over this.
Still -- it's an explosion, and you don't get a those at chain restaurants these days (unless you order the queso dip).


The Kaiser said...

I'm hoping that someone just bought RubyTuesday.net and set some charges in an old store. The taint of advertising sours explosions for me.

unMuse said...

so i'm wondering how many people think they actually blew up a real establishment vs something that was pre-fab to carry off the joke.

(I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a "real accident".)

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