The Friday Smile: Thesauruses are Awesome Edition

Here at HRTotM, you could pretty much sum up our charter: Deliver that which is awesome to people who appreciate that kind of thing (read: things that are awesome).

This week, though, the aforementioned things have been particularly outstanding, inspiring us to reflect a moment on rip-roaringness in general.

The exceptional can manifest in many ways... one can find a simple dance outstanding, but also appreciate the brilliance inherent in the complex science of nutrition.

Contemplating the tarnished majesty of icons from an earlier era can lend us perspective on the here-and-now, even if those icons were from long, long ago.

The grand can be tangible, like a well-designed kitchen gadget.
The magnificent can be abstract, like a social theory.
Often, that which is kick-ass is timeless, like funk, rock n' roll, and giant boobies.

But the final word on that which is glorious belongs to a man whose work may deserve special designation wherever awesomeness is measured.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Airwolf, by Ernie Cline.

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