Attack of the Killer Broccoli

I sorta ..hate eating vegetables. I know they're good for me and all, but the majority of them taste awful. There are some things I've gotten used to, some things I've learned to sorta like -- but no matter how healthy some of them could make me, there are simply some varieties that need to die, and die horribly.

Luckily, someone else feels the same way as I do -- and has come up with this brilliant little game wherein your mission is simple.
Kill Broccoli.
Kill it all, and let God sort it out.
Use your asparagus spaceship (what else are you gonna use asparagus for?) to navigate around and mercilessly kill the side dish of pain with extreme prejudice. There are some other goals (collect vitamins, something or other) involved, but I was far too busy feeding my broccoli bloodlust to care.

Click the link, join me in my quest, and maybe someday our long national nightmare can end.

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