Imperial Fleet Week

Total props are due for technical achievement (some of these shots are amazing) -- but next time it might be helpful to pay a couple of people to, you know -- run away in fear or at least act like something is there instead of playing Frisbee on the beach while the invasion is on.


Satorical said...

Actually, to make it a more realistic Fleet Week, they need local women hitting on stormtroopers.

Monster said...

1) Why did they move an incomplete Death Star into attack position? Are our earth defenses really that week? Plus, they started working on that think a long, LONG time ago... maybe they need a better contractor.

2) If you were flying a kite on the beach and it got caught on an AT-AT Walker, wouldn't that just be a bitch?

Monster said...

think, of course, is "thing".

ain't that a bitch?

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