Goonies Pumas

The whole designer sneaker thing is a fad that more or less missed me (I prefer to buy one pair of shoes and then wear them until I need to buy another) -- but it's rapidly becoming a real outlet for all kinds of designers to express themselves. From original graffiti art to graphic design homages to pop culture -- shoes have become just as important as other wardrobe pieces when it comes to staying ahead of the curve in urban fashion.

Take these Pumas featuring an homage to The Goonies.
If I had worn something like this when I was in middle school I would have immediately been labeled as uncool -- yet here were are 20 or so years later and now they're being toted as a must-have item.

Strange how that works.

Anyways, if you really want to see what's hot in designer sneakers, I suggest checking out sites like Doobybrain.com, which has all sorts of cool stuff on it -- but also keeps tabs on the latest and greatest in designer sneaker styles.

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