The Friday Smile -- Yeah, He Always Does That Edition

One of the things I really like about the idea behind this site is that the world is simply too big sometimes to keep up with. You try to keep up with the news, people forward you messages -- but the law of averages sorta dictates that there really is no way to be ahead of the curve all the time.

Which is why the team here does it's best to try to point out the kinds of things that we feel are worth a look, even if they are sometimes a little off the beaten path.

  • Like that time the Empire invaded San Francisco and no one cared.
  • Or those other Olympic games you might not have heard about.
  • Talented singer/songwriters that somehow slip under the radar
  • Books that offer a new perspective on real world issues
  • A comic shop employee who keeps his customers sane
  • The newest in pimpmobile styles from Germany
  • Cool tricks to play on your politicized friends (although I guess now it won't work quite so well).
  • Funny stories about the foods we used to enjoy as kids
  • Or a better class of cute pony criminal

  • At the same time, no matter how many new and interesting things appear on the horizon -- there's always gonna be those things that never fail to entertain
    ..No matter how silly they might seem.
    Its almost like a curse or something, but I pretty much always laugh at this. I mean, it's not even really funny -- but I guess there's just something Pavlovian inside of me that can't resist a singing parrot.

    The strangeness really kicks in at about :39
    Their owners ..not so much.

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