The Friday Smile: Remember Me? Edition

Remember me? That Friday guy? We used to go to school together. We shared a bunch of classes, but didn't talk much because I was sleeping on the desk in a puddle of drool, and you were always scribbling down some note to your boyfriend that you then folded into an origami-like puzzle for him to open and read later.

But here we are -- together at this class reunion, and
..Wow you look good.
Me? Well, you know how it goes. You think you're gonna be the king of the world, but then after a few years of bumbling around and partying too much, things get off track.

Still, I have done a few things this week worth noting.
  • For example, I was talking to my friend Joel Shumacher (you know, the director) the other day at lunch, and we were catching up about how much fun we had on the set of The Lost Boys.
  • But then I had to cut it short and jet out to Chi-town to help draw up some new plays for the Chicago Bears Offensive Unit.
  • I would have stayed longer, but then the FBI called and needed some advice on their latest investigation, and you know how that goes -- those boys would lose their heads if they weren't glued on.
  • It's funny, I remember this one time when we found the remains of a tyrannosaurus -- I probably shouldn't be talking about it in public, but it's a pretty funny story.
  • But you know, other than that life's pretty normal. I spend time consulting for a shoe designer.
  • It's ok money I guess, certainly better than when I was working the late shift over at Ruby Tuesdays.
  • I mean, everyone looks at me and probably thinks I'm some sort of comic book nerd or something, but there's actually a lot more to me than that.
  • I've got a Facebook page,
  • I spend time supporting my favorite candidate,
  • I spend time with my friends,
  • I'm into classic rock, indie bands, and even a little death metal (at least I think it's death metal).
  • So sexy lady, ..how about you?

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