The Boombox Project

A photo study of a past gone by that will surely never return -- the boombox.

I remember the years when my parents thought these were the worst things in the world and I had to beg, beg, beg them to get me one for Christmas. They'd last a month or so, start eating your cassettes, and then die altogether.

Or worse, they'd work perfectly but you'd make that "antennae mistake" where you tried to push the antennae back but accidentally bent it somewhere in the middle, and then in the effort to fix it you end up breaking the whole thing in half?
Yeah, they sucked. But I still kinda miss 'em.

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The Kaiser said...

I totally wired a car antenna I stole into my antenna-less boombox when I was a kid. It even worked pretty well.
By far the finest hour for boomboxes in my life was the 2 or so years I used one for my car stereo. I had a '79 Monte Carlo, which had an 8-track player. So I bought a boombox, stuck it in the back seat full of rechargeable batteries and ran a cassette adapter to my discman (because boomboxes don't have, or at least did not then have, any skip protection)which was plugged in to the cigarette lighter.
Implausibly, the whole set up worked perfectly.

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