The Friday Friday Smile Smile: Hug Me Edition

It's called the Friday Friday Smile Smile this week because I missed it last week, and I figure this way I'll get all caught up. I know there are many out there who enjoy this little feature, and I apologize for not keeping up with it as much as I should, but things have been a little rough in Hexland lately, and to be honest, there's really only one thing that's gonna fix it.
I need a hug.
  • Not just because I was trying to order some new furniture online and the site started freaking out.
  • Not just because I haven't seen any returns from all that money I invested in the Hell's Angels Navy fund.
  • Not because the firewall at work won't let me watch these great geeky videos.
  • Not just because 10,000 B.C. sucked out loud.
  • Not because apparently I'm a crappy Cellist.
  • Not just because I think we've already posted that Webspeak Bullshit Generator before and I didn't realize it until just now.
  • Not because I'm undead.
  • Not because I can only really think of this number to like 4 decimal places, which is really sorta lame for someone who claims to be intelligent.
  • Just because hugs rock.

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