When the Geekospheres Collide

So it probably comes as no surprise that as a contributer to HRTotM, I'm a movie geek. I like easter eggs, sequels, interesting director/screenwriter pairings (or the even more interesting director/screenwriter/studio collaborations), you name it.

It's also probably not a big stretch to imagine that I'm somewhat into the indie rock. It's part of the reason I got satellite radio, and it dictates some of my daily time wasting.

A little bit more difficult to convey is that I'm a huge graphic design nerd. My first real "holy crap I need a JOB job" job was a at low-rent weekly advertising paper where I did my best to elevate the full color sheets for used cars and mobile homes that ran alongside the classified ads. This led to loads of general interest about the craft itself, and now I'm a huge billboard critic and expert font-spotter.

The following video from the band Justice (who did that crazy t-shirt sporting "Dance" video that ran amok several months ago) manages to seamlessly weld indie rock (by virtue of their label status), movies, and graphic design.

I've watched it four times, and the song isn't even strictly "my thing".

OMG OMG OMG UPDATE: My geek has died and gone to heaven.

Star Wars title sequence, in the style of Saul Bass. Now this is even strictly MY THING.

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