Zero Punctuation

I know, I know. Really, look, we're sorry. We're only three guys with day jobs here, so you can't expect us to keep up with everything truly fantastic that comes along on the intarwebs. Still, we do try to find the funny, and when I stumble across something like this a year and a half into the run, I'm embarrassed.

Anyway, Zero Punctuation is a fantastically hilarious series of video game reviews narrated by a UK native with a slight Australian accent using very simple animation and very elaborate curses at 400wpm.

Example: "The game is so pretty that if it were in prison, it would be the bitch of every motherfucker in that place faster than you could shout 'Andy Dufresne!'"

Here's the Zero Punctuation review of Crysis.

Props to Chris at Sooper Delishus for the link.

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