The 26 Best Zombies of All Time

One of the many complaints made about this years Oscar telecast was the fact that even though there were apparently rules and regulations involved -- the bit where they list all the people who died during the past year was flawed because it seemed to omit a number of people (Roy Scheider, Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, et. al) who had passed away only a short time before the awards ceremony took place.

But if you ask me, the real problem is the snub the Academy continually gives to the UNdead, who year after year continue to do their best to contribute to the art of cinema in their own special way.

I mean sure, so and so director has a lifetime of achievements, but what about the guy who had to eat all those brains?
What about his needs, man?
Luckily, the gang over at OMGHorror.com have come to the rescue with this listing of the 26 best Zombies of all time.

The list is actually pretty good, even if they do include Michael Jackson for his work in the video for Thriller. Personally I could have easily replaced the King of Pop with that scene in 28 Days Later when it became clear that a horde of hungry zombies (who as everyone knows, are incapable of running) were literally sprinting towards their intended victims. But then again, Michael's zombies were dancing in formation -- so I guess it's tomato tamata on that one.

Other interesting entries include a zombie elephant, a Hare Krishna, the shark-fighting zombie who was the inspiration for the title of the always-entertaining blog Zombie Fights Shark, and that one real-life guy named Clairvius Narcisse who actually died, was buried, and then apparently was resurrected and went back to work.
Which is sort of how a lot of us feel come Monday morning.

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