Theater Rage

I thought it was just me.

In an effort to prop up the movie theater market, there's a company proposing super-swank theaters that will charge $35 admission.

This Ain't It Cool talkback nails exactly what's wrong with movie theaters these days. Instead of offering sushi and plush seats, apparently all real movie fans want is to watch the movie without louts of every stripe ruining it.

Pretty much every comment ends with "and that's why I don't go to theaters anymore."


unMuse said...

it's been years since I've been to a theater to see a movie because of price vs enjoyment. Paying more money won't keep the stupid people out of the theater, it will just add more self-entitled people in the theater. I'm quite happy waiting until I can watch a movie at home where I can drink what I want, tell my friends and loved ones to shut up [and they listen] and don't have to deal with anyone's snot-nosed children [of all ages] prattle on.

Honestly, the last movie I went to I turned around and yelled "shut the hell up" to a group of 10-13 year olds [I can never tell anymore] who were throwing things and yelling at the screen, and I was the one who got kicked out.

the theater is dead because social politeness is dead. Not because of technology.

Satorical said...


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