The Leg Lamp

Ah, A Christmas Story. That cute little 1983 film that wormed it's way into our hearts with it's classic storyline and dark-hearted humor about shooting your eye out and what happens when you accept a triple dog dare.

Unfortunatley, as beloved as this little film is, it's having a hard time keeping it's dignity intact here in our modern media-crazed world. Take for example the way cable television networks TNT and TCN mercilessly replay the movie over and over during the holiday season, stripping it of it's cuteness through repitition to the point where even the sight of those cute kids scampering around in snow clothes is enough to make you puke.

Then of course there's the all too true stories about child actor Scotty Schwartz, who co-starrted in the film as the loveable "Flick" (the kid who had to accept the triple dog dare and got his tongue stuck the the flagpole) who would eventually grow up to pursue a career as a porn star.

And if that wasn't enough, the current Wikipedia entry about the movie features a large and rather unexpected photograph of a young couple having sex on the floor at a party (chances are this will be discovered quickly and dissapear -- but trust me, it was there)
Is there nothing about this movie that can survive without scorn?
The answer is probably not, but there is one company in San Diego that's doing it's best to try. All season long they've been busy making, advertising and selling the movie's most underrated prop -- the infamous Leg Lamp

Now it's not everyone on your christmas list who's gonna want one of these, but believe me, if you do decide to pony up and get one for someone -- it will be a gift that they will always, always treasure
Until their wife "accidentally" breaks it.

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