Adam's World

Adam Bernard is a freelance writer based in Fairfield, Connecticut. His work ranges from record reviews and opinion pieces to interviews with nationally known actors from television programs such as Entourage and The O.C. as well as numerous musical artists including 50 Cent and Paul Oakenfold for publications like Soak, XXL, and The Source Magazine.

If that weren't enough, he hosts a regular radio show for the Fairfield College radio station and is slated to have his sixth cover story for a national magazine published later this month.

Clearly Bernard is a busy guy, but that doesn't keep him from regularly posting opinions, album reviews, interviews with up-and-coming talent, and whatever else strikes his fancy over at his personal website Adam's World.

Whether you're a fan of hip-hop, someone who knows the trials and tribulations that come with a freelance writing career, or just enjoy reading engaging and intelligent obeservations about this crazy world we live in -- you should definitely give this site a look.

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