How It Should Have Ended.com

Movies -- They just don't live in the same world as the rest of us, do they?

I mean sure, building suspense and creating events that lead viewers up to some huge climactic moment helps to sell tickets -- but everyone knows the feeling of walking out of a theater and thinking, "It would have never happened that way in real life ...what a total crock!"

That's where this site comes in. Check out the archive page to see what you've been wanting all along -- Real endings to some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

Not only do these smart little animations satisfy your desire for closure, but in some instances they can actually save you time and money by ending the need for costly and frequently dissapointing serials
Like these, for example.


jedimacfan said...

nice link. I like the Star Wars ending.

The Kaiser said...

I liked the LoTR ending. I find myself doing that in movies constantly, in particular horror movies.

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