Gerald Ford

From Chevy Chase falling all over himself to this gem from Dana Carvey - the former prez was always one of SNL's prime targets. People are saying a lot of nice things about the guy this week, but if there's anything I think people should remember about Ford, it's that he could always take a joke.


Satorical said...

I'm wondering if Ford will be kicking Lyndon Johnson's ass up in heaven for that "fart and chew gum" crack. I think Johnson could take him, though, so he'll probably just be playing even more golf.

The Kaiser said...

I'm stunned by the amount of gladhanding bullshit that's been put out about Ford. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't a bad guy at all, but the media coverage (not to mention the day off for Federal workers) has been absurdly ingratiating considering he was a two year un-elected president whose main accomplishments were pardoning Nixon (after swearing not to during his appointment hearings) and keeping himself from being lynched in the aftermath of Watergate.

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