The Star Wars Christmas Album

The holidays are upon us again bringing tidings of good cheer, christmas cards from friends, and endless piles of bad marketing ideas that flame out so hard they could help guide Santa's sleigh through even the foggiest of Christmas eves.

Take for example this misguided collection of songs celebrating the holiday spirit through the eyes of a protocol droid.

It's a bad idea from the start (as all attempts to combine the words 'Star Wars' and 'Christmas' tend to be), but on top of everything else there's something especially creepy about the combination of lounge piano music with the sound of Anthony Daniels' lilting robot vocals -- almost as if you're caught at an office christmas party with a C3P0 who has perhaps has downed one too many mimosas and is motioning for you to come join him under the mistletoe.
..and we all remember what happened to the
last guy who went there with him, don't we?

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cybercasey said...

Well the holidays are approaching fats and everyone around is busy preparing for it...and yes many people do come up with various ideas...well hey for some unique ideas and suggestions on the holidays be sure to visit my Holiday Blog sometime and enjoy all that's there....have a great time during the holidays!!!!

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