America's Top Colleges: The 2006 Power Rankings

Here's one for all the parents out there -- College Humor's rundown of the Top 50 Colleges in the country. The rankings are based on a point system that tabulates the percentage of students that are female, the drug interest at the particular campus, the hours the bars close, and whether they give out free condoms or not.

And while I am simply aghast at my alma mater's poor showing in a listing such as this (where you'd think they'd clean up), I couldn't help but feel really bad for the kids over at Duke, who somehow didn't show up on the list at all.

I mean you'd think with all the effort the lacrosse team put in they'd get some run, but I guess that's what happens when you have a weak non-conference schedule, eh?

Anyways.. College.
Here's to it.

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