The Informed and Eye-Rolling Electorate

Rather than just supporting a political party blindly, learning a little something about the people you're electing can help when you hit the voting booths today. The mere fact that you're voting is inexplicably optimistic--good on you for thinking that things can get better rather than worse (I'm with you)--but at least you'll be able to say you did your homework rather than Christmas treeing the bitch.

That's where The League of Women Voters comes in. This non-partisan group asks each candidate questions about actual issues. I know blogs, the National Enquirer, and CNN are more entertaining sources of politico-tainment, but this way you can actually compare candidate answers yourself to make an informed decision. Crazy, no?

Having said all that, the unfiltered answers candidates give make it clear why so many of them rely on speechwriters, image-polishers, spokespeople, and other minions to make what they say palatable to more than say...themselves.

Here are actual answers from this year's candidates for office in New York. Maybe it's better where you are. I hope so.

"Besides my above-average academic and scholarly credentials, I have acquired some wisdom from copious reading."
--Donald Silberger

"I am active in defense of the Cuban Revolution, and participated in the 2005 anti-imperialist World Youth Festival in Caracas, Venezuela."
--Ben O'Shaughnessy

"I believe we are trying to achieve the right balance between security and civil rights. I have concerns, however it will take actual evidence of abuses under various laws such as the Patriot Act before I would be ready to alter them or abandon them."
--Italo A. Zanzi
(You mean besides the warrantless wiretapping thing?)

"He knows what it takes to create jobs and he how the real world works + experience that is needed in Washington."
--Jack Davis
(Dude, you're running for Congress--proofread!)

Then there's Christopher M. Srock...

Occupation: Full-time cook at Intercommunity Memorial Hospital
In 1998 I graduate with Honors from Newfane High School
I have run for town council and county legislature seats in 1999 and 2001 respectively
Both campaigns were issued based: winning the primary for councilman and losing the general elections
These losses raised issues that were addressed and helped everyone
(Except me. I lost...)

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