Ever wondered what it's like to be Haitian? Here's your chance.


Hawkmistress said...

That was disturbingly addictive. It took me forever to realize that just resting wouldn't make you not-sick. *sigh*

So I managed to eke out 2 certificates and not let the family starve.

This just reinforces the fury I feel at funneling billions of dollars into bullshit earmarks and the war in Iraq when we could be educating the world. Why doesn't our government see that if we educated most of the third world that we'd not only create good will for the US in spades for years to come, but that we'd increase EVERYBODY'S productivity and the economy of the entire world would rise?

I'm going to go look for a drink now.

Just definitely not rum.

Barry Joseph said...

I think that's my favorite comment yet on the game. Learn about the teens who built it at http://www.HolyMeatballs.org under Playing 4 Keeps.
Barry Joseph, Global Kids

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