Bad Libs

Oh you just gotta _(verb)_ madlibs. The simple "parts of speech" _(noun)_ that popped up at family parties or _(noun)_trips -- always bringing with it the possibility for that one "extra game" where you all all your _(group of people)_ couldn't help yourself from using _(dirty words)_ of all sorts and varieties to fill in all the blanks.
...or was that just me?
The trouble is, the stories you'd always find in those books were innocent and clean, in many ways nothing more than hapless victims to you and your inappropriate vocabulary skills.

If only there was a place where the stories themselves had a bad attitude..

Enter Bad Libs, a new take on the old favorite that offers users the chance to fill in some real blanks, if you know what I mean.

Whether you want to create the perfect breakup letter, dirty personal ad, sex columnist advice request, emo diary entry, or soul-bearing poem, Bad Libs has you covered. Plus, using the magic of patented In-ter-net™ technology - your Bad Lib can be instantly added to blog posts or MySpace bulletins so that they can be easily shared with all your adoring fans.
And really, isn't that what _(noun)_ is all about?

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unMuse said...

you're awesome Hex :-)

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